Live scoring use cases

See how you can use our solution in different industries. is a great solution for many industries but most of all you can also easily use it as a standard contact center app for your sales team and customer service. With Leadster you can have a call center managed from one place which is Salesforce platform. Easily set up agents, give them permissions and access to selected lead lists. Set up automatic call queuing so agents don’t have to manually select contacts. You can also set up call routing for the most interested leads to be called first. Additionally, Leadster also works as a system for customer service and support. The system is able to recognize the calling number and easily help the agent with the customer history without leaving the application.

Financial Industry

Loan company
Customers interested in getting a loan fill out on line applications and provide the information on, e.g. the amount of money, source of income, previously paid loans, zip code, age, marital status and many more. The data in such application carries a lot of details about the customer and his potential to the company. Leadster solution allows to analyze the data from the application form, score the leads and automatically set the contact list for the call center. You are connected to the most valuable potential first.

Retail Industry

Upsell for shopping carts in online stores
Imagine a large online store wishing to increase the value of customers cart and its UPT. Call center department is requested to address the customers and share the information on general promotion or special offers on selected items. Leadster provides you with an even better way to target most promising shoppers with the customer scoring feature. Scoring allows you to analyze the data on purchase history, zip code, type of residence (small, large city), basket value, products in the basket and many others in order to identify customers ready to make additional purchase. Call center concentrates on direct contact with the customers with the best potential to make the buy.

Automotive Industry

Sales in the automotive industry
Nowadays, we can even sell cars through the internet (see Tesla). It is worth remembering that we must also have ways to close online sales. Such an effective liking is the use of the solution with live lead scoring. When choosing a car, the time of reaction and contact with the seeker is important. If we correctly score various parameters on our website, the call center, which will call and close the sale, will easily be able to choose the most valuable customers who are more likely to buy a car. You can choose individual scoring arrangements such as: car brand, engine size, horse power, year, own contribution, fuel type and many more.

Travel Industry

Sale of air tickets
People often use ticket comparison engines. Not everyone knows that by changing a few parameters, one can find a cheaper solution that will be more beneficial for him, possibly not only in financial terms. By scoring the search engine, you can find leads that are worth calling and offering help, and find an interesting solution to be able to close the sale. It is enough that the lead provides, for example, the flight direction, dates, place of departure or the flight length option (direct flight or with transfers). The possibilities of scoring are endless, and the parameters can be changed and adjusted to the needs.

Insurance Industry

Insurance comparison site
Many insurance comparison websites collect customer data in order to show them the cheapest insurance option. However, they do not always use this data to increase the chances of a sale closing or doing upsell. Thanks to the scoring of the form it is possible and very simple and fast. You give each of the fields a specific point value, and the system calculates and displays to the call center agent the most valuable lead to which he needs to make a call. Live lead scoring increases the chance of higher revenue by up to x%

Construction Industry

Ready-made house designs
How can you increase the value of sales on finished construction projects? It is enough to follow the customer’s activity on the website and when he sends the form, on the basis of various parameters, decide which of them is the most valuable lead. When browsing the website or when filling out the form, you can verify what the viewer is interested in. You can set a scoring on such information as: the width of the plot for development, area, number of rooms, of floors, roof parameters, garage area or investment zip code. These are just a few of the few examples that can be used. After the leads are scored, those with the highest scores are called first to increase the sales opportunity.