Everyone will reach you!

Leadster call center is a tool for handling incoming calls. Has a built-in virtual VoIP telephone exchange, dynamic, editable IVR, queues with callback function and customer identification with contact history.

Customer identification in CRM

When a customer who is in our CRM calls you, the system will recognize him. It will show the consultant the customer card with the entire history of the contact (calls, emails, chat and messages). The consultant will be able to conduct a personalized conversation:

„Good morning, Mr. Smith, it’s nice to hear you again.”

It really works! It reduces the distance between the company and the customer and builds relationships.

Calls’ assessment and recording

Recording calls is standard today. To this standard in the call center system, we add an assessment of calls, which will facilitate their analysis.

With call recording, you will assess the level of service and consultants’ skills. The functionality is also great for training purposes.

IVR – direct the client according to his needs

The client will hear simple and friendly messages, eg: „To connect with the sales department, select 1” and will tone the selection of the department. The system then transfers the call to the selected department. You can create an IVR tree without the help of the IT department.

Thulium voice menu has simple and advanced rules of call distribution. Advanced rules have elements of automation. Here are some examples:

Customers with a specific service package can reach us outside working hours,
Authorization with a PIN number and reading information from the customer’s card (e.g. order status).


A missed call is a loss for your business. There are functions in Thulium that remind consultants to contact clients who could not wait for an interview. Callbacks shift the burden of contact from the customer to the company.

Call Queuing

The client immediately knows how long to wait for the consultant. He will not be disconnected even if all consultants are busy. You can use this time to present him with the latest promotions or other important information.

Traffic management

From your point of view, the client will always get through to the right person. Underneath, it is guarded by advanced mechanisms and complex algorithms. You just use the user-friendly interface and enjoy the great customer service.


Communications APIs

Create unique customer experiences with programmable messaging, voice, and more.

All startups and agile enterprises can create best-in-class communication solutions on a big scale with Leadster.cc. Our global platform together with communication channels and support help you to answer all your questions and provide customer experience as soon as possible.


Unified Communications

Flexible communication solution for teammates on all channels.

Leadster.cc provides phone calls, SMS, team messages, social, meeting and much more, giving also a unified experience with outstanding quality service.


Contact Centers

Give your sales and service teams what they need for smooth and exceptional conversations.

It’s easy to see how Leadster as a reliable contact center ensures all-around experience in sales and service. You will notice that at your teams’ satisfaction and productivity level. Your controlled costs. Your customers’ assignment. Your integrated CRM and many more.


Quick Setup in Salesforce

Easily deploy Leadster.cc for Salesforce, add licenses and assign permissions – all that within the Salesforce platform.
Our configuration provides full control on call center settings, that allows you decide how the calls are routed and registered according to your needs.

Industry-Leading Automations Framework

Automate manually tasks excess to free your agents time and increase productivity.
Pre-built and custom automations such as automatically creating or logging case in Salesforce, helps your agents spend more time to deliver outstanding experience. Leadster for Salesforce can integrate with Salesforce Lighting Flow, so you can run automatizations in Salesforce based on the events in you call center. The possibilities are endless.

Intelligent Routing Configuration

Use customers’ data in Salesforce to speed your routing to the best agents based on the cases, leads, accounts, and contact information. Give your agents the possibility to have more personalized calls that will bring you better results.

Comprehensive Real-Time and Historical Reporting

Keep track of every moment in your contact center. Your customizable dashboards can show you all data you need in real-time which provides quick access to information available right in Salesforce. Get a deeper understanding of results and your team trends using more than 20 pre-built reports or customize and create your own unique views.

Smart Automations

You can use make sure that your VIP clients will be served with even better care by triggering Lighting Flow in Salesforce from any action in Leadster.cc

Your own sip trunk

Discover the new face of telecommunications services and use the potential of the Internet. You can handle multiple calls simultaneously. With the sip trunk service you can direct all incoming calls – to one dedicated number.

Intelligent Routing

Leadster.cc allows you to connect the client with the agent who previously dealt with his requests. Thanks to this, you increase the chance of faster and efficient resolution of the client’s case

Time-saving Automations

Automate repetitive, manual tasks between Leadster.cc and Salesforce to increase the productivity and efficiency of your agents

Two-Way Data Sync

Two-way continuous synchronization ensures that data between Leadster.cc and Salesforce is always consistent

Screen Pops

With Customer View, your agents will always have access to all customer information directly from Salesforce

Live & Historical Reporting

Identify trends and optimize customer service with customizable historical reports and dashboards