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Your call center solution and more

Live score your customers

With easy to set up tool you can score your page visitors and call them immediately

Designed for Salesforce

Solution designed specifically for the Salesforce platform

Live lead scoring

Once you engage your potential customer you can follow how interested he is and call him immediately from your Salesforce

Call from your CRM

Just look for your customer and initiate a call without ever touching a regular phone

Take notes in one place

Thanks to one connected tool your agents don't need to jump between open tabs

Safety first

Thanks to Salesforce integration your data is always safe and secured in the cloud


For big and small companies like contact centers and not only

Leadster is a powerful lead live scoring solution for your everyday sales workflow. It also provides a flexible Salesforce phone integration that adapts to your workflows and adds call center features to your Salesforce experience. Benefit from features including live scoring leads, CTI, click-to-dial, IVR, power dialer and more!

Make and receive calls from every place in the world. No need to use the phone

No more wasting time on finding the high value lead

Salesforce based call center

Empower Agents with Full Contact Center Functionality Inside Salesforce
A tight CRM and call center integration is the hallmark of successful sales and support teams. Seamlessly bring these systems together to drive agent productivity, improve team efficiency and personalize every interaction, turning happy customers into loyal advocates.

Take full control on the sales results

Salesforce based call center

See how easily you can live score your leads!

With Leadster your contact’s page will automatically screen-pop before answering a call. You can also click to dial to reach back to a customer. Leadster power dialer enables your team to make calls at scale directly out of Salesforce. Moreover, it automates daily tasks, and logs every interaction, call center metric, call disposition code and note in Salesforce. Monitor your agents and KPIs in real-time, and use the tailored dashboards to make data-driven decisions from Salesforce. Connect Service or Sales Cloud to Leadster, add numbers in 50+ countries, and invite your teammates to start placing and receiving calls right away! Live score your leads easily. Once the customer fills out the form on your website your sales team can call them immediately if they surpass the minimal score.

See the use case for your industry

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Travel Industry

Financial Industry

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We are grateful to the Clorce Solutions team that first convinced us to Salesforce, and then efficiently went with us through the process of implementing the tool in the Mubi insurance comparison site, which required adaptation of the offered solution to our custom needs. Thanks to cooperation with Clorce, we have optimized the customer service process and automated many activities that would manually take more time, and sometimes require additional hands to work. We have partnered with Clorce as a project to foster business development, and now we know that this investment is quickly returning.
In our company 120 agents are operating simultaneously.

Patryk Juchniewicz
Sales Director

Pricing Plan


A simple to use Salesforce connetor to easily make phonecalls inside the platform

  • Salesforce Connector
  • Cloud Storage
  • Call from CRM


A powerful tool to live score your leads from the website and immediately call them

  • Live Scoring
  • Lead Evaluation
  • Basic features Included

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